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We Provide Consultations, Advices, Equipments, Clean rooms, Services, IVF Trunkey projects.

Trust safe IVF Tech Ltd. to be your partner to achieve your dreams of building up your own
IVF unit with a high international standard and the latest technology.

About Us

Safe IVF Tech LTD. is a Consultation Company based in Mogadishu and Hargeisa, Somalia, that mainly focuses on the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), Human IVF, Biomedical Equipment’s, IVF Media, Reagents and IVF consumables from A to Z.

Safe IVF Tech LTD. also specialized in providing a professional advices and a complete solution of IVF Projects, OT rooms, Clean Rooms. We provide the best advice and consultation to our clients based on their budgets. We have complete and end to end solutions for IVF projects using the latest technology in the field of Human ART/IVF.


The mission of Safe IVF Tech is to provide the best consultation and advice to our valuable customers to setup their IVF laboratories with the highest international standards in an affordable cost.


Our vision is to serve our clients a complete solution and professional advice to help them achieve their goals or streamline operations in the field of human IVF in order to reach their satisfaction.


Our values are based on keeping a good relation with our customers; this relation based on Respect, Commitments to promises, Customer satisfaction, Adaptability, Sustainability and to work as a team.

Our Products

Human RTA/IVF Consultation

Human RTA/IVF Consultation

Trunkey IVF Projects Setup

Trunkey IVF Projects Setup

Human RTA/IVF Consultation
Human RTA/IVF Consultation

We supply our customers with the best international brands and latest IVF equipment’s, media, reagents and consumables through our sister company Biosom Diagnostics (www.biosom.net).

Human RTA/IVF Consultation

Solutions for all the IVF related problems in our market (gas supplies or building up clean rooms, maintenance, QC, service contracts after the sales…… )

Human RTA/IVF Consultation

We can also advise and provide our customers professional teams to support them and train their staffs (Gynaecology doctors, nurses, Embryologists, Technicians…….. ) to build up their confidence and achieve their goals of getting reliable results and high success rate.

Human RTA/IVF Consultation

Competent and trained staff maximise efficiency and productivity. We can support your staff in using the best evidence based methods that are safe and efficient according to the latest knowledge in in the field of IVF.

Human RTA/IVF Consultation

Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) in IVF laboratory play an important role for the success of any IVF lab. There are certain vital parameters like VOC count, air velocity, temperature, humidity and gas measurements- CO2 for incubators, pH, and decontamination of the surfaces, which need to be kept under a constant check and monitoring as they can directly affect and harm the gametes and embryos, which will lead to a negative reflect to the success rates of the IVF labs.

Our Services

Giving a Solution Building up of Human IVF Labs

1. Complete IVF Trunkey projects (Clean rooms)
2. IVF equipment’s, Media, Reagents, Disposables, Consumables
3. Maintenance plans (equipment’s and the IVF units).
4. Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) for the IVF laboratory.
5. We also provide advices for training the IVF teams.

Our Brands

Partners for success. We collaborate and work closely with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the field of IVF Technology.